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"Detroit electro-techno outfit Drexciya was conceived in 1989, but first came into the public eye in 1994 with "Aquatic Invasion" - the first of a thematic series of releases. Drexciya's James Stinson and Gerald Donald remained hidden behind their alias for much of the group's existence, communicating a complex personal mythology of a "Drexciyan" race of underwater dwellers descended from pregnant slave women thrown overboard during trans-Atlantic deportation. Within this fiction, their music - which they claimed was recorded "live in the studio" rather than programmed - was imagined as a "dimensional jumphole" between their black African roots and the contemporary USA." [RA]

"Well, water is the most powerful element on this planet. Water has many different properties. It comes in many different forms and many different shapes and different weights. And that's the way we see our music--we can come in any different size or shape that we want depending on the rhythm of the song, how aggressive the song is, how transparent or how big it is, how clear, how diluted, how fast, how slow, it all depends-the same properties as water. Water runs fasts, water runs slow, and the best way to put a visual picture in your mind of Drexciya and what we're all about is that we [Drexciya and water] go hand in hand. You have to have all the dimensions, you have to have the visual, the sonic side of things, and you have to have a purpose - a concept - to make it real. So once you bring in the world of Drexciya and the people and how they're living their lives in Drexciya, you know, you put the element of water, which is the basic element of life for anyone-period. Once you factor in all your different things, this is how it is with Drexciya and how the basic principles are." ˙[Drexciya Research Lab]

Artwork excerpt from
Alphonse De Neuville's illustration (Hildibrand, Henri Theophile's wood engraving)

Color: - Black
Print: (rasterized photo with vector graphics) Discharge Ink
Fabric: - 100% Cotton Jersey
Weight: - 185 g/m2

✧ Classic Fit
✧ Seamless double needle collar
✧ Taped neck and shoulders for durability
✧ Double needle sleeve and bottom hem
✧ Tear Away Label/Tag (S,M)


  • S, 46x71cm /18"x28"
  • M, 51x73,5cm / 20"x29" Sold Out
  • L, 56x76cm / 22"x30" Sold Out
  • XL, 61x79cm / 24"x31" Sold Out
  • XXL, 71x82cm / 26"x32"


Image of Drexciya [Black] Image of Drexciya [Black] Image of Drexciya [Black] Image of Drexciya [Black]